Agora Gallery New York

Karen was invited to take part in the Divergent Realities exhibition in October 2014 by the Agora Gallery New York.

After some discussion, Agora's curators selected a number of Karen's original paintings which were promptly sent over to Otters Pool Studio for framing before being passed to specialist international art handlers for shipping.

--- Having arrived safely, the pictures were hung together in the exhibition and featured in the official exhibition opening video.

Keen to follow up the exhibition, Karen was then featured in the Agora Gallery Blog, where she gave advice to artists on finding inspiration for their creativity.

The blog can be ready at

Agora were not only interested in Karen career as an artist, but they were very keen to learn more about her work as a tutor, and in particular the services she provides to the mental health unit at her local hospital.

A fascinating 3 page article entitled 'The Humanitarians' was published in Vol.32 of Agora's Magazine 'ARTisSpectrum', and can be read here on pages 72-74 with Karen's profile on page 85.

The exhibition was a massive success and Karen continues to be involved with the gallery.